What is a bidet?

A bidet essentially washes and dries your bottom.

Our SmartBidet is an electronic toilet seat.

It has various cleansing, hygienic, and comfort features. 

Does I need a warm water source? 

No. You install it into your regular toilet water supply and

the water warms up inside the tank of the SmartBidet. 

Do you need to plug it in?

Yes into an outlet.

Do I remove my current toilet seat? 

Yes then you simply install the SmartBidet onto your toilet.

What if I don’t have an outlet right next to my toilet?

The SmartBidet extension cord is 3’10”. If the cord does not reach, we recommend that you use an extension cord aligned against the wall. 

Does this have warranty? 

Yes, 1 year warranty. Please refer to our warranty

page in the manuals for details. 

What is the difference between the models?

Please refer to our comparison chart.

How does the Energy Saving button save energy?

If you believe in saving energy in your home, when you turn on this mode, the seat and water temperature will maintain 89.6°F. Other ways to save energy is to close the lid to prevent lost heat, set the temperatures to Low, and unplug the cord if you do not plan on using the SmartBidet for a long period of time.

How do I clean it? 

We recommend that you clean it with baking soda mixed with water or vinegar mixed with water. Do not use household chemicals as this may deteriorate the plastic. 

Can I install it on a riser? 


How will it affect my electricity bill?

No. It depends how and how often you use it. But for a family of four, the SmartBidet consumes an average of 0.92 KWH per day, the average electricity will cost 12 cents per hour, then it will increase will be $3.32 per month.

Do I need to call a plumber to install it?

We’ve designed it so it’s an easy DIY installation

but the choice is up to you.

What colors do you offer?


Can you sit on the lid?

No due to the soft close lid feature just like most other

bidet's lids.

Why do I need a SmartBidet and who uses this?

Anyone can use it!

The SmartBidet is life changing for those who are unable to use the restroom without assistance since it washes and dries your bottom with the press of a button. 

It’s great for the handicapped, women along in their 

pregnancy, the obese, those who had surgery on their shoulders, arms, hands, backs and unable to twist or

bend their torso. 

Those who suffer with hemorrhoids can avoid the rough abrasion of toilet paper. 


The SmartBidet is very effective for maintaining female

hygiene during menstruation, pregnancy, and

for new moms. 


Those who suffer from constipation. 

The Turbo Wash may help relieve constipation

by sending water inside to help flush out your system. 

If you’re environmentally friendly, using the SmartBidet reduces or eliminates the use of toilet paper. 

Thus, saving trees.


Those who want to save money on your toilet paper bill by investing in a SmartBidet. No more carrying that large pack every month. 


For children to learn how to maintain bathroom hygiene with the SmartBidet in alignment with washing their body, hair, teeth, hands with water. 


Those who have a lot of hair down there.


Those who don’t want to deal with clogged toilets

from the use of a large amount of toilet paper.