"It's amazing. Not only you can save toilet paper. It feels cleaner. Having clean and dry behinds is much greater feeling than I initially anticipated before owning a bidet. Use it feel it. You won't regret your decision"


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Unlimited, On-Demand Heated Water

Adjustable Heated Dryer

The SB-2600 features an on demand and unlimited heated water. No need to experience the warm water turning cold. By using the deluxe touch control panel, choose between posterior wash, feminine wash and turbo wash. A family-friendly SmartBidet as it has an Auto Child wash and dry button.

SmartBidet for Whom?

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Seniors, women

The Disabled

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Post Surgery

Back, shoulders, hips, hands

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Hemorrhoids, constipation, obesity

Eco-Friendly Fighters

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Skeptics & Gifts