"It's amazing. Not only you can save toilet paper. It feels cleaner. Having clean and dry behinds is much greater feeling than I initially anticipated before owning a bidet. Use it feel it. You won't regret your decision"

Best Value


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Replaceable Nozzle Cap

Stainless Steel Nozzle

Simple Operation Panel

The Biggest BANG for your BUCK

The SB-100R is our favorite valued item yet!

An affordable option with so many amazing features. Skeptical on using a bidet but don't want to make a large investment? Give the SB-100R a shot!

SmartBidet for Whom?

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Seniors, women

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The Disabled

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Post Surgery

Back, shoulders, hips, hands

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Hemorrhoids, constipation, obesity

Eco-Friendly Fighters

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Skeptics & Gifts